Control rod drop accident assessment

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Nuclear Safety Department, Leibstadt Nuclear Power Plant, Switzerland

Your responsibilities
The internship project focuses on evaluating Control Rod Drop Accidents (CRDA), a critical aspect in the safety assessment of transient scenarios for the Leibstadt nuclear power plant (BWR/6) when implementing a new core design. The proposed project aims to assess specific control rod patterns of interest as part of the CRDA analysis, utilizing the state-of-the-art SIMULATE-5K (S5K) transient calculation tool.

During the internship, participants will gain hands-on experience with the S5K transient analysis code and the execution of transient simulations. The evaluation will be conducted using the latest core design of the Leibstadt nuclear power plant, with a focus on specific control rod setups.

The primary objective is to identify the limiting control rod patterns that pose the greatest safety concern within the current core design of KKL, incorporating the latest available fuel designs. The outcome of this assessment will contribute to enhancing the understanding of CRDA scenarios and improving safety measures for the Leibstadt nuclear power plant.

Your profile

  • Proficient knowledge of nuclear safety/technology concepts
  • Strong grasp of core neutronics and passion for calculations
  • Familiarity with Unix environment and command-line usage
  • Programming skills, particularly in languages like Python
  • Solution-oriented mindset

We offer
You will have the opportunity to work alongside nuclear experts and apply your academic and research background in real industrial applications. In this project you will have the opportunity to work at the Leibstadt nuclear power plant. Depending on the outcome of the project the internship could be extended.


Axpo Power AG offers 18 internship proposals for the Summer 2024.
Please, apply online using the following link by 21.02.2024
In your online application you can specify for which of Axpo’s projects you are interested in.
A selection day will follow at beginning of March at Axpo’s HQ.

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