Inventory and Logistics Section

Nagra, the National Cooperative for the Disposal of Radioactive Waste, pursues the Swiss project of the century: a deep geological repository for Switzerland. We are driven to solve the problem of radioactive waste now rather than passing the burden on to future generations. Our team of around 130 employees comprises specialists from the field of natural sciences such as geology, physics and nuclear engineering, chemistry, biology, and construction engineering.


In the Inventory and Logistics Section, within the Safety, Geology and Radioactive Materials Division, we inventory and characterise the radioactive waste and make reliable predictions, thus ensuring that a deep geological repository will have enough space for all types of radioactive waste. We also contribute to the safety assessment of the disposal concept, e.g. by considering aspects relevant for criticality safety. Furthermore, we provide support to NPPs by means of e.g. carrying out shielding calculations and contributing to packaging and decommissioning planning.

Your tasks
Nagra offers a variety of internship projects, mainly in the Inventory & Logistics Section.

In general, internships with a focus on the following topics are available at any time:

  • MCNP calculations and optimisations: working with existing MCNP models to validate, optimise and review modelled geometry. The overarching goal is the characterisation of neutron activation in the facility components.
  • Data analysis tasks for validation of computational models and assumptions.
  • Criticality calculations:
    • setting up computational models for various configurations of the disposal canister for high-level waste (i.e., taking into account different types of spent fuel assemblies, materials, etc.)
    • calculating the neutron multiplication factor, keff, for different canister configurations using Monte Carlo code systems such as SCALE, MCNP, etc.
    • studying and evaluating different sources of uncertainty in criticality calculations.
  • Optimisation of Disposal Canister Packaging:
    • working with computer algorithms (SIMAN program) to optimise the loading of the disposal canisters for spent fuel assemblies.
    • (further) development of scripts for logistics and loading planning of canisters, taking into account transport requirements, storage positions, etc.

Your Profile

  • Ability to solve problems independently using a structured approach and critical thinking skills
  • Motivation and willingness to learn
  • Good scientific writing skills (in English, German is considered a plus)
  • Programming skills (e.g. Python, Matlab, etc.) are considered a plus

What we offer
Our ongoing projects at the interface between industry and fundamental research offer the unique opportunity to explore the most fascinating aspects of these two worlds. You will be working along experts on key scientific, technical and implementation topics related to the deep geological disposal of radioactive waste, under realistic conditions. You will also have the opportunity to train and/or gain additional experience with nuclear code packages such as SCALE or MCNP, etc.

Contingent upon availability and the outcome of the internship project, an MSc. thesis topic could be proposed after completion of the internship.


If interested, please apply by submitting an application comprising:

  • Your CV
  • A record of all available exam grades from the BSc. and/or MSc. programme (e.g. first semester grades)
  • A cover letter not exceeding 300 words

Please send your application to no later than 1st of March 2024.

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